Profile: much more than a translator

Portrait d'Alison Sabedoria

Alison Sabedoria, B.A. (Hons) Architecture (© Wilbert van den Berg)

“In 20 years as a freelance musician I learned to be 100% professional. You can’t tell a concert audience to come back tomorrow!”

I am British, a native English speaker, and French has been my everyday language since moving to France in 2002. Translation had been an important element in my work for many years, but it was only in 2009 that I felt ready to offer my services as a professional freelance translator.

My childlike curiosity drives me to investigate how things work and I enjoy solving practical problems and puzzles. This is just as well, as translation involves a lot of detective work! This technical side, reinforced by my architecture and horology studies, complements my more artistic and literary leanings.

Apart from being a translator, I  am also a writer, artist and musician, with over 20 years experience of creative freelance work. This allows me to bring a rare mix of specialist knowledge to my translating work and to translate French documents into an English that is correct, natural and stylish.

My passion for poetry was born of translation, and my passion for translation was born of poetry

I am a bilingual poet, writing equally in English and French, sometimes as two parallel versions. A keen amateur naturalist, I enjoy following research into animal and plant communication and – of course –  that of humans, too!

I have complementary skills in Old and Middle French, Middle English, Latin, German, Ladino et Occitan.

Practical by nature, it is not unusual to find me with my sleeves rolled up, screwdriver in hand…