Luxury Marketing

Pierre Balmain adjuste une robe sur Ruth Ford

Pierre Balmain & Ruth Ford (image: Carl Van Vechten, 9/11/1947, viav Wikepedia Commons0

Quality is not a luxury!

According to Rohit Arora, there are 3 main motivations for buying a luxury brand*: - self assertion - differentiation - genuine appreciation for product excellence

An investment with a high return

In the world of luxury goods, one must not lose sight of the essential. A sublime product, seductive photos, a poetic text: no expense is spared for these elements of a marketing campaign. It is perfectly normal for their budget to run to thousands of euros. And how much will be set aside for the translation budget? A few hundred? Maybe, with a bit of luck…

All words do not have the same value

Entrusting your translation to an agency which might be unfamiliar with the field, pressurises its translators for the lowest rates or against the clock, or uses the first translator available, who might not even be a native speaker of the target language, can turn out to be a costly mistake. It is obvious that the 5 words of a key strap line demand  much more time and care than 50 words of basic information text, yet most translation agencies only count the number of words and all are charged at the same price.

Part of the creative process

In marketing, it is often necessary to adapt texts, rather than simply translate them: that’s transcreation.

If translation is born in mind from the initial concept stage of a campaign and throughout the copywriting process, the impact of one consistent message can be kept in two languages, for two different cultures. Think of your translator as part of your creative team!

Clients I have worked for include a specialist luxury silk shop in Lyon, Paris shops selling high-end luminaires and designer furniture, and a top name in French couture, now a global brand.

* Rohit Arora, Strategic Planning Director, Bates Pan Gulf (BPG Group), Dubaï, UAE: 8 Ps of Luxury Brand Marketing