Translation and transcreation

une coquille d'huitre remplie de grosses perlesTranslating your future

To succeed in a changing world. one needs to adapt and evolve. Brochure and website texts need to be updated frequently, so do their translations. With 35 years of freelance experience and 8 years as a translator, I offer bespoke solutions to communicate your message effectively in another culture, along with ongoing support and consultancy. Unlike a translation agency, I can be there to accompany you with each step you take. I never forget that behind each project is a person.

Contact me today to discuss your translation needs. Together we can give your most precious documents the treatment they deserve!

Translation or transcreation ?

Often, in marketing, a straightforward translation is not enough. The text needs to be rewritten and adapted for readers in another language, but also another culture with a different mentality: that’s transcréation. You can find out more in the article Transcreation: when translation is not enough.

Certain clients prefer long-term collaboration, as I do. Since 2009, I have translated over 900 recipes and articles for and, for the last seven years, I have been working with one of France’s leading eyewear designers and distributors. Other notable projects include 72,000 words of articles for an international online video library, marketing texts and over 2,000 product files for luxury lighting and designer furniture. Delighted with the publication of my first translated book, Maman, vends le cochon (yes, I know, it’s in French – quite an adventure!), I hope to fit in more literary translation. To know more about what translation entails, you might like to read: The Art of Translation.

My specialist fields, which are also my passions: