Translating fine watchmaking

Horloge Prague

I have always been fascinated by clockwork mechanisms, even if the tinkering with them I did in my youth rarely  worked! My family history research led me to discover 3 generations of Coventry watch and clock makers among my ancestors. An unusual interest is finally being explained.

Horology: from childhood passion to translation field

While I was cutting my teeth in luxury marketing (high-end luminaires, couture, designer furniture…), I was also keeping up with the Swiss and French fine watchmaking press. I often noticed translations that were mediocre, not at all in line with the magnificent watches they were presenting. I decided to offer my services in the field directly to clients, rather than via agencies, as I would be better able to respond to their particular needs.

British Horological Institute course

In 2012, I took the BHI’s distance leaning course to horological technician level. To understand all the workings of watches and their complications takes many years. So, with the help of French and English friends in the trade, I will continue to deepen and broaden my knowledge of the subject. I am now fortunate to be able to offer a rare combination of writing skills and appropriate technical knowledge.

Quality work can’t be done against the clock !

Just like the watchmaker’s work, a high-quality translation demands rigour, patience and – of course – a real savoir faire.